Report: TGL delays launch until ’25 after roof collapse

The TGL plans to announce Monday that it is pushing back the launch of its virtual golf competition to 2025 due to damages sustained last week at its facility in Florida.

The air-supported dome roof at the SoFi Center in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., collapsed on Nov. 14 due to a power outage. No injuries occurred in the incident.

Action in the venture backed by Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy was supposed to begin on Jan. 9.

However, Sports Business Journal reported Monday that even a brief postponement would have impacted the television windows for ESPN as well as the competitors’ schedules.

The indoor facility covers about 250,000 square feet, with players hitting their tee shots off grass into a 46-by-64-foot screen, with greens and bunkers also to be built. Seating will also be created for fans to attend matches.

Six teams are set to compete in the TGL: Los Angeles Golf Club, Atlanta Drive Golf Club, Boston Common Golf, Jupiter Links Golf Club, TGL New York and TGL San Francisco.

Woods is set to compete for Jupiter Links, while McIlroy will play for Boston Common.