Ex-New Mexico St. F Mike Peake won’t be charged in shooting

Former New Mexico State basketball player Mike Peake will not face charges for his involvement in a fatal shooting that took place on the University of New Mexico campus last November.According to a statement from the Bernalillo County District Attorney’s Office, “the decision to not charge Mike Peake was made by the prior administration based on all the facts and evidence presented to them. Nothing has changed, so we’re honoring that decision.””It was determined Peake acted in self-defense.”Peake told authorities that the night before a game between New Mexico State at rival New Mexico’s campus in Albuquerque, a female student lured him to the campus. Once Peake was there, Jordan Travis and two other men allegedly assaulted Peake with a baseball bat, which police said was a revenge plot following a fight at New Mexico State’s football stadium the previous month.Surveillance footage showed Travis and Peake exchanging gunfire. Peake sustained a leg wound, but Travis was shot multiple times and died at the scene.